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For those members who have a dog related problem - most commonly - dog to dog aggressiveness - BIGGSD have teamed up with a super dog trainer called Norman, who runs his own dog training club, Responsible Dog Training Club at Bracknell, Berkshire - see link https://en-gb.facebook.com/groups/182245118557449/

Norman's Dog Training Club is designed not solely for German Shepherds but all dogs and which many people travel long distances to attend. However, Norman has agreed to hold training sessions in Chertsey, Surrey on a Saturday morning, starting at 11.30 am which will last for 1hr 30 minutes.

These training sessions are open to BIGGSD members and all monies will go towards the BIGGSD fund which has, over the years, helped many GSD's.

The special price for a training session will be £15.00!

Classes will start on SATURDAY, 19th OCTOBER 2019

This is a fantastic opportunity for those members to take up. If your dog has any issue, please come along and let Normal help your dog and, at the same time, help you too.

The training sessions will be held at Chertsey Meads in a nice open environment and for those of you who do not know the area, see directions:-

Nearest postcode is KT16 8LS

Its not the 1st car park, which is for the marina, but the 2nd car park further on over the common and bear left when you see the 2 dead end signs.

For anyone whose dog has an issue (or two) and would like to attend, please email christine@biggsd.com or mobile 07411 276136

How can you miss out on this opportunity? So look forward to seeing you on Saturday, 19th October 2019!
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