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A home check will need to be completed before an adoption will be confirmed.

We often get people applying for our dogs with a detailed list of what they are looking for, Please be aware that none of our dogs are tailor made, they are lost and lonely souls looking for their forever home sometimes through no fault of their own. Marriage breakdown, loss of employment, eviction are common however, we see all to often cases of neglect and cruelty.

Please bear in mind that when you find your 'new best friend' and you come to collect Him/Her (we do not deliver) it will be necessary to bring any existing Dogs with you to ensure that all 'get on'. It would be terribly unfair to take a Rescue Dog Home only to then find out that the 'Resident' pets wont accept it.

We take every potential adoptee's circumstances into account, we have re-homed dogs into flats etc, if you have recently had a home heck from another rescue, another one may not be needed as with your permission we can get a referral from the rescue, similarly if you have previously re-homed a dog from us and your circumstances are the same another home check may not be needed.

If you are considering adopting a dog from us, please consider some of the following areas:
A minimum donation of £200 and £225 for pups under 5 months is required to adopt a dog, although some elderly or those in need of ongoing medication are sometimes offered at a reduced rate.
All annual vaccinations must be kept up to date.
If the dog is ill you will be expected to seek qualified veterinary advice.
The dog will be housed approximately . On a chain in the back garden is NOT acceptable.
A well fitted collar with your name, address and telephone number attached must be worn at all times.
If for any reason you cannot keep the dog you must contact us first.
We will endeaviour to pass on as much information as possible about all our dogs, however this is not always possible.
If your dog gets lost you will inform GSD Rescue Surrey, the police and local dog warden within 24hrs.
Most dogs will require a 'settling in period' the first few weeks may be challenging while he/she settles into your family. If you have other dogs they may also require time to adjust the the new addition.

If we don't have a dog with us but know of another that would meet your requirements, we may know of one in another rescue and ask you to contact them.
If for any reason you cannot complete and return the adoption form you may call us on 01932 571268. Calls will be taken between 9am and 9pm, 7 days a week. Or email me at john@biggsd.com

We recently experienced a problem with our server not forwarding your completed Adoption Questionnaire's, even though you where receiving an acknowledgement. Also, computers can break at anytime !!

Home check form
https://www.germanshepherdrescuesurrey. ... echeck.pdf
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