All information regarding BigGSD as an organisation, what we do, and how to get in touch with us.
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BIGGSD is a voluntarily run virtual rescue organisation helping to rehome dogs in the UK and Ireland. Although BIGGSD was created by German Shepherd Rescue Surrey, the funding of BIGGSD & German Shepherd Rescue are separate and financially each works independently of the other.

The principal aim of BIGGSD is to help rehome German Shepherd dogs in the UK & Ireland and this is done mainly by:-

1. Making people aware of the dogs in need, at rescue centers, dog pounds, other rescue organisations and with private individuals

2. Bringing particular attention to the plight of dogs who under immediate threat of being put to sleep (pts)

3. Helping to fund the kennelling, fostering & transport costs whenever possible via the BIGGSD fund

4. Bringing German Shepherd dog loving people together through this board as a community

5. Helping any other breed or crossbreed dog too, to find a safe, secure and loving home whenever possible

6. Offering a list of homecheckers, volunteers & fosterers that are members on the site who can help rescues & private individuals whenever possible and providing the ability to request help too.

7. Providing areas on the board that include; Transport requests, Walks & Events and Supplier recommendations

8. Having a BIGGSD paypal donation facility that help to provide the necessary funding that is needed to help dogs

BIGGSD is administered and moderated by a group of individuals who give their free time voluntarily with no payment
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