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Urgently seeking rescue/foster placement PTS risk; 7 year old female black and tan GSD
Topic Started: 6 Nov 2016, 10:19 AM (428 Views)
GSD Puppy
Hi all

I am a Trustee at RSPCA Essex South branch (email dogs@rspcaessexsouth.co.uk Tel 07749175023 ask for Kathy) and am trying to assist an owner with a female 7 yr old GSD, Willow, who is facing PTS as a last resort if we cannot find her a foster space.

The situation is the owner is a single parent works part time, is in Housing Association accommodation. The HA have had complaints that over the last few months the dog whines and barks when the owner is out of the property. Also the dog barks at anyone passing the front door (both other tenants in the small block have to pass owners front door to get to their own front doors)

The HA have now withdrawn her permission to have a dog, they gave her two weeks to remove the dog, which she was unable to do and have now extended to another two weeks and informed her she is in breach of her tenancy as risks being evicted.

The owner has had Willow since 7 weeks old and the dog is part of her small family and is devastated to be faced with this. Unfortunately, Willow does seem to be quite an anxious girl and not keen on strangers and also last year when the owner went away for a few days leaving the dog to be cared for by a friend (at the dogs property) the dog did not eat for the whole 4 days the owner was away.

I do not have any fosters available that would suit Willows needs or that have enough GSD experience to manage. If I took her into our kennels (which is private boarding and I currently have no spaces avail) the owner does not think Willow would cope. So I am desperately seeking a rescue who can assist with a suitable foster space (I know, they're hard to find and probably full) otherwise the owner is facing euthanasia for Willow, because she does not feel Willow would cope in kennels and is concerned her distress would make her very difficult to manage and concern she would not eat.

Prior to being given notice to remove Willow, the owner had tried lots of methods to help settle her whilst she was alone, to no avail.. I did offer to get our behaviourist in and appeal to the HA for some leeway to allow us time to help Willow, but as the owner will be increasing her work hours within the next year, she fears the problem will just escalate and that if Willow has to be rehomed it is better whilst she is younger.

Willow has not lived with a dog before, but does live with an 11 yr old child, but is worried by young children playing/screaming etc. She is not keen on strangers in the home, and will bark, then settle, but get up as soon as visitor gets up etc etc. She whines/barks when owner leaves, will not eat unless owner present. Barks at front door at passing people. Hugely attached to her small family. Nothing hugely unusual or unworkable given the right home set up and time/training etc.

I asked the owner to email me a bit of a write up , although she has focused mainly on the negatives and not given me many positives! she seems to be very concerned Willow will not settle and has said she would PTS herself if all else fails. Given the owners perception that Willow may fail if rehomed due to her anxiety/potential behaviour, I suppose some may ask would it not be kinder to PTS now, but without doing our best to try cannot accept that, and not sure a vet would either.

However, like many of you we have taken in dogs from owners who haven't given a second thought for their dog when they are signed over, and they walk away without a backward glance. This owner had my heart breaking as she sobbed to the point where she was unable to speak at times and I just wanted to try to do what I could to network to find Willow a place.

Here is what the owner emailed me

'i have had willow since she was 6-7weeks old.
Willow is now 7 years old her birthday Is 02-11-09
Willow to me is a very loving, loyal, happy dog.
She jumps about and plays like she is still a young little puppy. She is also my personal little shadow.. Where i go willow goes.
Willow does not get along well with other dogs to being with as she will try to have a go at them but after this she will happily play with them. .i have fotage of her running around our home with a previous neighbours jack russle who managed to get on to our balcony, willow will also chase cats if she is off the lead, inwhich she is well behaved off the lead and does not run off unless she sees a cat..but even then calling her name loudly will make her return to myself..
Willow does not like it when i leave the house to go to work, she will infact not eat her food i leave for her until the moment i walk back in the door. Willow will also cry for a little bit when i leave. This seems to have become a problem as my neighbours have been complaining to my housing assosiation to the point that they have withdrawn my permission to have my dog. They gave me 4 weeks to rehome willow but it hasnt been very easy to bring myself to do so, willow is my pups and is like my baby and has been a member of this family for 7 years, so as yu can imagine i havent been able to bring myself to look into this, however Eastury are not happy that i stl have willow within the property, amd have since informed me that i am now in breach of my tennentcy and that i have only 2 weeks to rehome willow.
This again is very heart braking for my self and my daughter who has grown up with willow.
Willow also doesnt do well with people she doesnt know..but is not a fisious dog..she doesnt do to well with young children either...it makes her on edge when children are running around the house playing..
Willow would benifit from a person who maybe lives alone and who is able to be at home with her.
If willow was to be rehomed and anything did happen where she would possibly hurt someone or did something with would make her need to be distroyed...i would kindly as that if this happens i would be able to have her back and deal with that myself...as after having her for soo long if she was needed to be put to sleep i would like to have her ashes so she could stay with us forever...
Thank you'

If you can help/network/share I'd be so grateful, Willow has less than two weeks now to find somewhere, contact me email dogs@rspcaessexsouth.co.uk Tel 07749175023 ask for Kathy

Thanks for reading. I'll try and post pic, but never seem very good at that!

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