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BIGGSD is a virtual rescue forum & not a rescue centre. To enquire about dogs shown on this forum please contact the relevant rescue centre or dog owner directly.

:GSD: I agree to put into BIGGSD only positive, helpful contributions. I will not be drawn into arguments between individuals and will not be part of any victimisation against other members or rescue organisations. I will contribute positively, in any way I can, with the best interests of all animals finding their way on to this board and needing our help.

:GSD: If I am unhappy wth any member or their posting, I will draw it either to their attention, privately, or to the attention of a moderater, or someone in a position on the board to act as go-between, to resolve any unpleasantness between us, before it escalates. I will not post any words likely to cause offence, hurt and damage to another person and will at all times, conduct myself in a decent and kind manner for as long as I remain a member of BIGGSD.

:GSD: If I cannot resolve a matter in a civil manner, then I will relinquish my membership of BIGGSD and if I do so, promise not to cause any trouble for the board, or members and rescues who form part of the board.

:GSD: At all times, during my membership, I will remember that we are all here for the sake of saving the lives of animals, whilst bearing in mind, that whilst the BIGGSD members can together, assist in saving the lives of all animals wherever possible, this board is intended, primarily, as a central communication and rescue source for those with an interest in the German Shepherd Dog as a breed.

If you have any problems registering please email registrations@biggsd.com
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